Maldon Hospital provides a range of services including:

  • Aged Care
  • Acute Services
  • District Nursing
  • Social Support
  • Transport
  • Health Promotion
  • Dr Fowler (private practice hosted by Maldon Hospital)
  • Dorevitch (private practice hosted by Maldon Hospital)

Maternity Services

Maternity services are available through Castlemaine Health.

Castlemaine Health Maternity Services offers local pregnancy, labour and birth and early parenting care for healthy women with normal pregnancies. They also work with Bendigo Health, the regional health service, to support local women and babies who need more specialist care.

Castlemaine Health’s team of four midwives offer Midwifery Group Practice or caseload midwifery care. One midwife will care for you throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth and early parenting. The Midwifery Group Practice midwives will be on-call 24 hours a day for your labour and birth, and to help you with urgent concerns.

Midwives work closely with a team of local GP obstetricians who provide on-call care 24/7 if required, and the regional health service, Bendigo Health.

Shared care, where you have some of your pregnancy care visits with your midwife and some with your GP, is also available. Your GP will need to be a Castlemaine Health accredited GP.

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Facility Upgrades

We are looking forward to our new garden and outdoor room off the Jessie Bowe wing which is progressing well.

New After Hours access room is now available two doors to the left of the main entrance. If you attend the hospital please speak into the phone to the nurse and ensure they are aware you are waiting at the front door. New signage is coming!


Mixed Wards

Acute/Aged Care

  • The name of the mixed ward: Acute/Aged Care
  • The total number of occupied beds in the mixed ward: 20 (4 acute, 16 Aged Care)
  • The different ratio’s would apply to each portion;
Shift Acute Aged Care UCC
AM 1:6 1:7 2 RN plus additional nurse
PM 1:7 1:8 2 RN plus additional nurse
Night 1:10 1:15 2 RN plus additional nurse
  • The expected number of occupied beds in each portion of the ward during the following 6 month period: 20
  • reviewed 25th Aug, 2020