Care Opinion

Maldon Hospital has partnered with Care Opinion, a site for residents, their families and friends to share stories and experiences about care at Maldon Hospital.

What is Care Opinion?

Care Opinion is an independent site where anyone can share their stories about their experience of care. The site covers health and aged care, and community services in Australia, giving service users, their families and carers the opportunity to publish their personal experiences, good or bad, of the care system.

Care Opinion is a place where you can:

  • share your stories about care and support services at Maldon Hospital and other health services
  • see what others are saying about Maldon Hospital
  • see how Maldon Hospital responds and makes improvements in response to feedback.

How can you use Care Opinion?

You can use it to:

  • share what you think of your relative’s care
  • see what other people are saying about their care
  • find out what improvements have been made because of feedback
  • see which organisations locally have read your story.

How does Maldon Hospital use Care Opinion?

We use it to:

  • see what people are saying about our service
  • show how we respond to comments about our services
  • share stories told on Care Opinion with staff to demonstrate the impact their actions and attitudes – both good and bad – have on consumers
  • use the extensive reporting functionality to identify thematic organisational issues, inform best practice and improve your service delivery
  • embed stories on Care Opinion into a range of training activities to teach staff and students by bringing the consumer voice directly to those situations.

Why use Care Opinion?

We’ve chosen to partner with Care Opinion because:

  • Care Opinion gives you a public voice to share your experience about the services you use.
  • Care Opinion will always try to make sure that the right people will hear your story.
  • Sharing your stories about health and care services on Care Opinion can help make services better.
  • Care Opinion is safe, confidential and independent of services and authorities.
  • Reading the stories that other people share on Care Opinion may help you choose the best care providers.
  • Care Opinion works across aged, health and community services. Your story is moderated to keep it safe and constructive for everyone, published and delivered to the right people locally for potential response and engagement with you.

Care Opinion is a not-for-profit charitable organisation run for the benefit of users, carers, staff and the public.