Care App

What is CareApp?

CareApp is a powerful communication and engagement platform for aged care providers. It brings providers, residents, carers and families together to build a wonderful care community and support seniors to love the way they live.

Maldon Hospital has chosen to roll out CareApp across our residential care to enhance communication between families and our carers.

How can you use CareApp?

CareApp will enable families to better engage with Maldon Hospital to get a personalised and reassuring window into the care and wellbeing of residents. CareApp enables families to communicate easily with Maldon Hospital through notes, photos, video and audio, as well as notices, events and newsletters.

Families can:

  • get a personalised window into the care and wellbeing of your loved one through regular and reassuring updates
  • keep up to date with your loved one and their facility through photos, video and audio as well as notices, events, and newsletters
  • can use CareApp in all iOS ™ and Android ™ smartphones, tablets and most web browsers
  • get peace of mind about privacy and data with the app developed with privacy by design principles and supported by top tier hosting providers.

When can I use CareApp?

CareApp will be available to residents and families at Maldon Hospital in early 2022.