Environmental Plan

CEO’s message

The Board and Staff recognise the importance of environmental sustainability and are openly committed to meeting the challenges posed by climate change and the responsibilities of a public funded agency meeting its responsibilities.

The challenges are many fold and they do require Maldon Hospital to be vigilant and steadfast in its commitment to continuous improvement in environmental management and sustainability. As a health service we do not abrogate our responsibilities as a provider of health care because we recognise the mutual connection between environmental sustainability, climate change and human health.

We will lead by example through the actions we put in place for sustainability within our local, regional, state and national healthcare communities.

We are dedicated to the health of our community and we understand that the health of our natural environment and organisation are critical in achieving good health in our community.


  • 10% reduction in paper usage
  • Reduce waste to landfill by 20%
  • Manage and monitor clinical waste disposal to ensure high levels of safety for residents, staff and the environment
  • Adherence to Victorian Government Building Standards
  • 4% reduction in energy and water use

Achievements to date

  • Replacement of heating hot water unit with high efficient condensing boilers 16th April 2013.
  • Installation of 40kw solar power on 7th Oct 2016.
  • All printers set to default to double sided and black and white printing
  • Commenced recycling of plastics and cardboards-separate recycling posts for different elements- November 2016
  • Commenced change to LED lights and sensor switches in some spaces where appropriate
  • Mulching of gardens twice yearly – Sept 2016
  • Reduction in use of harsh chemical cleaners by use of steam sterilisers / cleaners – commenced 2017
  • Commence recycling bins internally
  • Battery recycling
  • Printer cartridge recycling
  • introduction of glass medication cups for residents