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9 September 2022

At 11.59pm on Thursday 8 September, amendments were made to the pandemic orders in Victoria.

The changes mean the self-isolation period for people who test positive for COVID-19 and who don’t have symptoms on day five of isolation reduces from seven to five days.

Anyone leaving isolation after five days cannot visit a sensitive setting – such as hospitals, residential aged care, disability care settings or in-home care for the next two days, or if they have COVID-19 symptoms.

This additional precaution reflects the increased risk of serious illness and death from COVID-19 in people in those high-risk settings.

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19 August 2022 – A new look for Dhelkaya Health

A new interim branding approach has been developed for Dhellkaya Health. The interim brand brings together the logos from our three organisations. It has been designed to display the organisations’ logos together with equal standing rather than in any visual hierarchy to communicate that we are all working together equally for Dhelkaya Health.

Use of all three logos is deliberate and intentional because our logos and identities have long and established histories in the community, along with strong visual recognition. When our clients, patients and residents see our logos they are reassured that they’re going to the right place, so our interim branding draws on that identity strength.
The interim brand has been a consultative process, with representatives from all areas of Dhelkaya Health taking part in workshops to help define direction and agree on design options.

The interim branding is just that – interim. It is intended to help bring us together visually for the next 12-18 months until a more permanent brand identity is developed. That more permanent identity will be developed alongside the strategic planning process, which will also develop a new mission, vision and values for us all to share.

The interim brand has been designed for use on the most visible or frequently used ‘touchpoints’, such as letterhead, PowerPoint presentations, email signatures, brochures, signage, websites and social media. The roll-out is also designed to be cost-effective. It won’t be applied to everything, just the materials we use the most.

You’ll see the ‘together as Dhelkaya Health’ messaging already in place on the Castlemaine Health website and Maldon Hospital website, and is being applied to the CHIRP website.


15 July 2022 – New Community Services Hub at Maldon Hospital

A new Community Services Hub has opened at Maldon Hospital this month. The Hub offers a range of new community health services to the Maldon community. The new services come as a direct result of the amalgamation of Maldon Hospital and Castlemaine Health earlier this year. 

The first community health services already seeing clients at the Maldon Community Services Hub include:

  • podiatry
  • diabetes education
  • counselling for adults and children and continence services
  • dietetics
  • physiotherapy
  • speech pathology.

Any Maldon residents already travelling to Castlemaine for these services can now discuss changing their appointment location with their practitioner.

The Community Services Hub has a separate reception to the main hospital and aged care, so clients can enter from Adair Street where they are welcomed by Community Services Hub Receptionist, Jess Humphrey. With the Community Services Hub already seeing a steady stream of local clients through the door, Dhelkaya Health is expecting more Maldon locals to get in touch to find out how the services can help improve their health and wellbeing.

To find out more about these services or to make an appointment, call Dhelkaya Health on 5471 3575. 


Here, we provide more general information on how Maldon Hospital is managing residential care in response to COVID-19.

Current visitor restrictions
Visitor restrictions for Maldon Hospital are as follows:
There is now no limit on the number of visitors for each resident and patient.
Visitors will be asked to show a negative rapid antigen test, evidence of COVID-19 vaccination prior to entry and wear an N95 mask for the duration of the visit. An N95 mask offers improved protection from
transmission in comparison with surgical masks. An N95 mask will be supplied to visitors on
Evidence of a negative rapid antigen test is required for entry.

Unvaccinated visitors are strongly discouraged from visiting at this time for the protection of our residents and staff. However, if there is a compelling reason for visiting (e.g.
compassionate grounds) then please contact the Nurse in Charge to discuss your

Visiting hours
In order to safely manage flow in and out of the building whilst continuing to ensure the safety of our residents, patients and staff, our current visiting hours are 10am to 4pm.
Please do not visit if you are feeling unwell with any symptoms of illness. We have robust
infection control procedures in place but there is always a risk of transmission, so the best way
to protect the health of our residents is to stay at home until you are well.
Remember that visiting outside 10am to 4pm takes nursing staff away from providing care. If
you are unable to visit during these times or would like to discuss compassionate visits, please
speak with a member of the management team.

Staffing across Maldon Hospital
Like so many other health services across the state, we are working incredibly hard right now
to manage staffing levels amidst high levels of staff absences. These absences are due to a
mixture of illness, planned leave and the impact of our infectious disease protocols which
require staff to isolate at home if they test positive to COVID or show any signs of respiratory illness (even if negative for COVID).

Our dedicated staff are going above and beyond to continue to ensure that our patients and residents are not impacted by the current crisis. In this context, we ask you to be mindful and patient when phoning and visiting. Our staff may not respond immediately to phone calls and doorbells because caring for residents always take first priority. This means you may sometimes have a short wait.

Personal Protective Equipment changes
We recently received a new directive from the Department of Health around PPE for staff, so
you may notice our staff are now wearing N95 masks. We are also providing staff with priority
access to rapid antigen tests in line with our COVID-19 furlough protocols to help increase
protection for our staff and residents from COVID-19

Thanks for having your say on the future of healthcare
The Boards of Maldon Hospital and Castlemaine Health have completed the community engagement period of our exploration for voluntary amalgamation. We reported our findings back to the community in a live-streamed webinar on 16 December.

The Community Presentation detailing the engagement findings is now available to download.

Maldon Hospital 2021 Annual General Meeting 

The 2021 Maldon Hospital AGM was held on 16 December. A video of the event, along with the 2020-21 Annual Report, is now available at Corporate Information page

2021 Remembrance Service of Reflections and Memories 

Maldon Hospital offers up our Remembrance Service of Reflections and Memories as an online video.

Continuing COVID-19 restrictions require everyone to be flexible, responsive and creative. We are no different. Our annual memorial service can be watched by family, friends, staff and the local community.

The service, which began in 2019, brings together loved ones to remember and give thanks for the lives of patients, residents and clients of Maldon Hospital who died between 1 December 2019 and 30 November 2020.

Changes to Maldon Hospital Urgent Care Response

Maldon Hospital is changing the way it is delivering urgent care to its community. From this Friday, 17 September, the hospital will no longer run an Urgent Care Centre.

Castlemaine Health CEO Sue Race said, “The hospital will still be providing urgent care to our community, but there will be some differences. In any emergency, nothing changes – if you require immediate emergency care dial 000 and an ambulance will be called.

“If you require non-emergency care, call the hospital. We will advise you on whether to come in for assessment and first aid at Maldon Hospital or direct you to another health service such as Castlemaine Health or Bendigo Health.

“The main change is that we will no longer have the capacity to provide advanced life support at Maldon Hospital.”

Attendance at the Urgent Care Centre has been declining in recent years with around five people visiting the centre each month, and many Maldon residents already opting to attend Castlemaine Hospital or other health services for injuries or illness that need attention.

Board Chair of Maldon Hospital, Vanessa Healy said, “Maldon Hospital and Castlemaine Health have a close relationship, sharing a CEO and many staff, and with Castlemaine Hospital just 15 minutes away it makes sense that we should be sharing our resources.”

She added, “With a changing demographic, we need to ensure the way we operate best reflects the way our community uses the hospital and allows Maldon Hospital to support our aged care residents, our people and manage clinical risk.

Read the FAQs to find out more.


Key points

For more information, see Keeping Victorian Workers In Key Sectors Safe

Asymptomatic people in the community who want to check if they have COVID-19 should not get a PCR test. They should opt for Rapid Antigen Tests, and if they are currently unavailable, should continue to monitor for symptoms and stay COVID Safe.

Third doses

If you’re aged 18 or over and had your second vaccination four or more months ago, you’re eligible for your third dose. You can get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines regardless of the COVID-19 vaccine you received for your initial doses.

You can book your third dose vaccination appointment online. For walk-ins, please check the list of vaccination centres to find the opening hours for individual sites.

Otherwise, to obtain your vaccination, please use the vaccine clinic finder to find a participating GP or pharmacy.

Links and contacts

To access the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 in Victoria, visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Victoria website or call the 24-hour Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.

Face masks:

Please click below for more information:

Where to get tested

If you’re not registered with a local GP clinic or you are experiencing symptoms, the nearest testing facilities are at Bendigo Health.

  • Bendigo Health- please look on their web site

Testing is not undertaken at Maldon Hospital

Older Person Hotline – Coronavirus support

This hotline can provide older people, their family and carers with personal support, answer questions and up to date information on the latest guidelines enacted by the Federal Government.

The Federal Government has indicated older people and carers are welcome to call the hotline on

1800 171 866  to speak to trained staff from a senior’s advocacy organisation.

We have now reopened our Main Entrance between 7am and 8pm.  All people entering the hospital will be expected to undergo screening and complete an attestation via the QR code reader in the entry.  A green tick must be viewed by staff prior to entering the Hospital  Please note that this is a requirement of the Department of Health.  Staff are able to assist visitors complete their attestation as required.  After hours access (ie. between 8pm and 7am) will continue via the After Hours entrance.

We thank you for your efforts in keeping residents, patients and staff safe.


Our valued volunteers are encouraged to consider their health and safety during the pandemic. Volunteers are invited back once COVID training has occurred. We ask all volunteers to participate in screening. Volunteers are suspended during any lockdown restrictions.


Many people who contract COVID–19 will suffer only mild symptoms. However early indications are that the elderly and people with pre-existing medical conditions are more at risk of experiencing severe symptoms.

The most common coronavirus symptoms reported include:

  • Fever
  • Breathing difficulties such as breathlessness
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue or tiredness.
  • Other symptoms include loss of smell or taste, muscle fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea

For more information please go to DHHS website or click here