Other Services

Health Promotion The role of health care providers is increasingly becoming one of health promotion. At Maldon Hospital we offer programs to the community encouraging healthy lifestyle through regular pole walking groups, bushwalking and bike riding held during the year. Diabetes Education was provided at the Day Centre and through the More Allied Health Services Program (MAHS) physiotherapy and Counselling are provided.

Volunteers also benefit by being actively involved in providing support to others both physically and socially. The Hospital assisted the establishment of the Maldon Laughter Club by supporting the training of the laughter leader. The laughter club is held weekly.Social Support Social support is provided for members of the community at the Day Activity Centre one day a week when they attend the Monday Day Club.

The program promotes the social and emotional well being and independence of frail aged people as well as adults with disabilities. Transport is provided for clients to attend a weekly luncheon at the Community Centre, to attend appointments and go shopping on Tuesday afternoons. This service makes it possible for people who may otherwise be house bound, to enjoy the opportunity to go shopping in Maldon and Castlemaine. The social support program also offers companion walking and visiting for clients and respite for full time carers.

Community Health Education and Promotion Planned Activity Groups, are conducted for those eligible for Home and Community Care (HACC) services and these include:
• Maldon Monday Club
• Baringhup social afternoon
• Strength Training groups
• Tai Chi
• Pole walking GroupsVolunteer Program 

The Hospital has a total of 39 Formally Registered Maldon Hospital Volunteers who provide:
• Enrichment of resident lifestyle by participation in many and various activities
• Social support to people living at home in the community

Activities to maximise the Residents’ Lifestyle An Activities Co-ordinator provides individually tailored leisure pursuits and activities for the residents of Jessie Bowe House and Mountview Home. During the initial admission process the resident and their family are asked about past and present interests such as sport, music, reading and community groups so that the co-ordinator has a baseline to develop the program for the resident. Residents are regularly asked for feedback on the activities program and for any suggestions on activities or outings in which they may like to participate.

The activities provided range from board games and armchair aerobics to music, bingo and word games, from happy hour on Friday afternoons to strolls in the garden and the occasional barbeque in the courtyard under the newly erected sails. As a result of a request of one of the residents, a computer has been set up in the Jessie Bowe House for resident use, for playing solitaire and other electronic card games. Performances by local musicians and entertainment by the children from the Maldon Primary School along with outings in the new bus provide a range of enjoyable opportunities for the residents.