District Nursing

District nursing is available for anyone assessed to need nursing in the home.

A team of three district nurses provide nursing care and support to people in their homes in Maldon and the surrounding district. The service is available seven days a week, with the district nurses liaising closely with the general practitioner, pharmacist and hospital to ensure clients receive optimum, ongoing nursing care.

Nursing Services provided:
Wound Care – acute & chronic
Medication assistance
Monitoring eg. blood pressure and blood sugar levels etc
Health education eg. diabetes, colostomy care
Blood collection for pathology if unable to get to hospital
Nursing Assessment and referral to other services as needed
Palliative care for terminally ill people
Other care such as hygiene assistance and nail care when family, or a carer, is unavailable.

District Nursing is available for anyone assessed to need nursing in the home. You have the right to this care without discrimination, regardless of age, religion, race, gender, diagnosis or financial status and in a timely manner.

Requests for care are responded to within 24 hrs, in privacy with respect, empathy and dignity by adequately trained District Nurses.

You also have the right to refuse treatment or withdraw consent or get a second opinion without risk to future nursing care; to be fully involved in the implementation of care and assessment planning; to have your identifying personal information treated with confidentiality; to involve an advocate and have  someone of your choice present; to refuse involvement of other healthworkers, or family; to make a complaint about the service without retribution.

But you have the responsibility:  To keep the nurses informed about your present condition, health history and any condition, medication or  alternative treatments and health practitioners being used; to inform the nurses about unexpected changes to your health so that assessment and treatment is appropriate; if you are going away or are unable to be home for an agreed appointment, let the nurse know as soon as possible; to be prepared to take responsibility for your actions if you refuse treatment, do not follow the agreed plan of care or do not follow instructions of your health care providers; and you need to ensure your conduct is appropriate and does not interfere with the delivery of services or well being of the nurses.