Health Care Information

Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in your language
The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights brochure in audio and 24 different languages.
Department of Human Services – Rural Health
The Department’s web site dealing with health matters as they relate to health care in rural Victoria
List of Health Care Agencies
A list by region of Victorian Health Care Agencies. A more comprehensive list is given in the next item “Rural directions ….”
Rural directions for a better state of health 2007 (download a 790 Kb pdf file)
A discussion paper that further defines the roles of public hospitals in rural Victoria. A useful description of the Victorian rural health system.
Understanding Board roles in governance (download a 110 Kb pdf file)
There are many demands and expectations on members of Health Service Boards. Board members are accountable for the success of their agency.
A NOUS group outline of expectations of a Board
Liability of Dutyholders (download a 110 Kb pdf file)
Liability of organisations, officers, employees, and other dutyholders details the Authority’s approach to prosecuting various types of dutyholders (e.g. corporations, partnerships, unincorporated associations and other bodies, officers, employees, etc.).
It is a Supplementary Enforcement and Prosecution Policy and should be read in the context of, and subject to, the VWA General Prosecution Guidelines.
This is a WorkSafe publication.
State Services Authority
The State Services Authority is responsible for providing advice and promoting appropriate governance arrangements for public entities that serve the Victorian community. Information on public sector governance and executive remuneration and conditions is available on this website.
Good Practice Guide on Governance
A priority for the Authority has been the production of reference material for potential, new and existing board members of public sector entities. These guides provide information on governance for Victorian public sector entities”