Acute Care

Inpatient care and treatment for acute medical conditions, convalescence and palliative care is provided in the four bed George Ray Wing, consisting of two single-bed rooms and one two-bed room.

Allied health and complementary care is provided, and home and community based services are linked via discharge planning to provide care and support when patients are discharged.

Support and assistance is provided to the public who present at the hospital with a medical emergency. Services are limited to basic nursing assessment and medical intervention, due to available resources. Clients are stabilised and receive first aid and emotional support while waiting for transfer to another
health service if required.

The Hospital also provides a registered nurse one morning a week to take blood for pathology as part of the medical clinic services, saving members of the community the need to travel to other locations such as Castlemaine or Bendigo for blood tests.

Nursing support is also provided to the Medical Clinic, for the taking of blood samples, assisting
the doctor with minor procedures, ECG’s and wound dressings.