Mission & Objectives

Maldon Hospital – Committed to care since 1859.  

Our Mission – Building community health and wellbeing.

Our Vision –  Our vision is to be a thriving health service contributing to a happy and healthy community.


Values and principles

Responsiveness – We listen to each other, to our residents and community and respond to their needs.

Compassion – We empathise with and care for the people with whom we come into contact.

Strength and reliability – We are trustworthy and give confidence to our community and people in the quality and viability of the service.

Respect – We embrace every individual as valuable, and invite their different views and experiences, and protect their dignity.

Integrity – We are open, honest and fair with our dealings, doing what is ethical and right for the people who rely on Maldon Hospital for services and employment.

Team and people – We support those around us to be the best they can be, and help each other out.

Excellence – We continually strive to improve ourselves, our practices and processes to excel and be the best at everything we do.

Courage – We lead, take action and calculated risks to achieve our vision.

Stewardship – We govern transparently, building a better, more vibrant and viable Maldon Hospital.

Human Rights – We actively implement, promote and support the human rights set out in the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006


Strategic Objectives

Service delivery – Includes aged care, primary and community care, prevention, promotion, early intervention, evidence-based clinical practice.

To ensure Maldon Hospital delivers person-centred care by:

  • Increasing the capacity of staff to meet residents’ social and emotional needs.
  • Ensuring that staff work collaboratively and respectfully with each other.

To improve use of evidence in clinical practice.

To improve the use of Maldon’s physical space so that it is used appropriately and to its capacity.

To ensure bed occupancy is maintain at the most efficient levels.

To investigate the demand and provision of respites services to the community of Maldon and surrounds.


People Includes staff; GP; volunteers; residents; patients; board of management; and the community.  Activities include workforce planning; training and development; succession planning; culture and building capacity as an employer of choice.

To develop and agree a human resources plan that guides recruitment and retention strategies, and includes a succession plan for key positions (Board members; executive; GP)

To ensure that staff have the skills, qualifications and credentials to perform their work at a high

To advance nurses’ clinical competency to manage the range of emergency presentations effectively and appropriately (in view of Maldon Hospital’s service level as an Urgent Care Centre)

To ensure Maldon’s culture promotes high performance and Maldon’s values.

To improve the Board of management’s capacity to govern and operate as an effective team.

To further develop the volunteer capacity in terms of numbers and ability to support Maldon Hospital achieve its mission.


Collaboration and partnerships – Includes efforts and arrangements to establish community engagement; patient pathways; alliances; external service provision.

To improve Maldon Hospital’s profile and awareness of the community’s health and well-being needs, and of the services available to meet those needs.

To strengthen/develop links with relevant service providers to enhance the range of services available to the Maldon and district community.

To clarify and strengthen patient pathways between Maldon Hospital and other services (i.e. Castlemaine Health, Bendigo Health Care Group and metropolitan services).


Leadership, management and corporate governance – Includes financial and risk management; accreditation and regulatory compliance; communication and information flow across the organisation; accessing funding; reporting; data collection; and governance processes.

To ensure accreditation standards and regulations are met (including the new national standards).

To ensure that Maldon Hospital complies with the Department’s “Governing quality in public residential aged care: an organisational readiness tool”.

To ensure operations continue to remain within budget.Increase revenue via:

  • donations and bequeaths
  • successful grant applications

To develop and implement a capital maintenance plan.


Service development and innovation – Includes research and development; service and capital redevelopment and expansion; service planning; review of service model; contributing to the evidence base through practice development; IT; telehealth

To review the service plan and identify the best mix of services to meet demand now and into the future identified.

To expand Maldon Hospital’s capacity to provide health promotion; prevention; early intervention by increasing primary and community health care services)

To ensure that Maldon Hospital achieve the right mix of residential and home based aged care (HACC; EACH and CACPs) to meet the community’s needs now and into the future

To create research and development capacity across Maldon Hospital in collaboration with Castlemaine Health and Bendigo Health Care Group (Collaborative Health Education and Research Centre – CHERC).

To update IT to reflect best practice.

To identify and pursue telehealth opportunities to enhance current and future service provision (especially with respect to connections between the urgent care service, the GP and larger health services).