Our Mission
– Building community health and wellbeing.

Our Vision –  Our vision is to be a thriving health service contributing to a happy and healthy community.


Values and principles

Responsiveness – We listen to each other, to our residents and community and respond to their needs.
Compassion – We empathise with and care for the people with whom we come into contact.
Strength and reliability
– We are trustworthy and give confidence to our community and people in the quality and viability of the service.
– We embrace every individual as valuable, and invite their different views and experiences, and protect their dignity.
We are open, honest and fair with our dealings, doing what is ethical and right for the people who rely on Maldon Hospital for services and employment.
Team and people
We support those around us to be the best they can be, and help each other out.
– We continually strive to improve ourselves, our practices and processes to excel and be the best at everything we do.
  – We lead, take action and calculated risks to achieve our vision.
– We govern transparently, building a better, more vibrant and viable Maldon Hospital.
Human Rights
We actively implement, promote and support the human rights set out in the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006.


The Hospital provides high quality residential aged care; medical and nursing care in the acute care wing; twenty-four hour nursing and medical services on call; and a range of other health services.

In 2008 in  recognition of its achievements and the high standard of care, the Hospital received four years accreditation by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards,  in the Evaluation and Quality Improvement Program (EQuIP). Maldon Hospital is housed in modern buildings that in most cases provide single rooms with ensuites; residents’ dining rooms; common rooms with television and a computer; an outside barbeque area; and quiet gardens and courtyards where the residents can relax.

Jessie Bowe House and  Mountview Home provide residential aged care while the George Ray Wing provides medical and nursing services.

Other facilities
The Hospital has a medical practitioner with consulting rooms on the premises; a day centre that offers adult day activities and social support for residents and the community; and other consulting rooms for allied health services.

Board of Management

The Board normally consists of ten members meeting once a month in a voluntary capacity and appointments are normally for a three year term. The Board has a governance role: it is responsible for providing a foundation for the high performance of the Hospital; providing an oversight of the management of the Hospital; ensuring that the Hospital is performing efficiently and effectively; and it is expected to respond strategically to changing demands. Board members have attended workshops and forums through out the year, some organised by the Department of Human Services and others within the Hospital. These sessions are provided for the Board to enhance their knowledge of health care and make them aware of the requirements of good governance. Even though our Board members are unpaid, they have attended a total of 88 hours of these courses that have been held around the State and this is in addition to a total of 300 hours on normal Board business.

The current Board Members are:

Vanessa Healy – President
Julie Green – Vice President
Colin Thornton – Treasurer
Pam Millwood
Cindy Schultz-Ferguson
Stephen Gardner
Dallas Coghill
James Downing

Management and Staff

Chief Executive Officer
Ian Fisher

Director of Nursing/Manager
Katrina Sparrow

Nursing Staff
The Hospital has a nursing staff of an equivalent of 17.5 staff: a mixture of full-time, part-time and casual positions. The staff provide the highest level of care to our clients, and on-going professional development is essential to ensure that staff remain abreast of best practice in nursing. In order to maintain up-to-date industry knowledge, Maldon Hospital staff are able to access ongoing education and training by attending external training courses and study days from Castlemaine Health. During the year, there were 264 attendances at professional development, in-service or education sessions at both internal and external presentations – this was a total of 1760 hours.

Medical Practioner
Dr Christian Fowler

Dr Fowler’s surgery is located in the recently renovated Oswald Wing, making interaction and communication between the Hospital and Dr Fowler convenient and practical for both staff and the clients.